Saturday, October 3, 2015

Truth Intravenous

I hook up to the Truth Intravenous early in the morning. The words of Jesus course through my veins and remind me where I've come from and where I'm going. They are life and liberty, love and healing, inspiration and hope for a new day. In a week where I've been drained of energy, my patience has been more than tested, and twisted philosophies attempt to inject the port-line to my heart, I return to the Truth I.V. for a recharge. Then, as the day wears on and I encounter toxic contagions that bring my spirit down, it can only be temporary because the Holy Spirit whispers the anti-biotic I so desperately need...and I receive it.


1839. this colour--all summer long
1840. the way they slowly and (im)patiently worked out a little song together--a first!
1841. driving with this kid and laughing together at her first drive-through
1842. her buddies and how they love her
1843. these two besties and how they are still little enough to mostly parallel play
1844. waking up to this scene (as they watch a movie together on a Saturday morning) 
1845. helping to decorate my nephew's wedding in our greenhouses
1846. how she fell asleep during the ceremony
1847. how Jenna's brothers checked out the groomsmen to the Mission Impossible soundtrack before she came down the aisle--all of us roaring with laughter!
1848. Mr. and Mrs.
1849. welcoming you to our crazy family, Jenna! Yep, you already fit in :)
1850. the way he carried his bride and swung her around
1951. getting roasted at the reception and taking it like a pro
1952. the way my sister-in-law makes everything she touches beautiful
1953. how she can be transferred and still sleep--none of our kids could!
 1954. lighting sparklers and creating more cousin memories
1955. all these amazing kiddos at Linda's memorial birthday party
1956. celebrating her life with fireworks once again

1957. all of us missing her and grateful for the years we were gifted after her diagnosis
1958. writing messages in memory of Linda on paper lanterns
1959. the way my brother-in-law, Martin (Linda's husband), is always the go-to man for fireworks and lantern launching
1960. sending them up and watching the beauty of light in the sky--whispering (a few more) goodbyes and see-you-soons
1961. when Grandpa gets into the food

Truth I.V.: gratitude glorifies God and God deserves the glory!

And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God, Luke 17:15

May I always remember to glorify You with my thanksgiving, Lord.

Monday, August 3, 2015

As The Deer

"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God." (Psalm 42:1)  There was nowhere more fitting for that realization than our vacation high in the Laurentian mountains. Clouds hung low like smoke spiraling up from rich-green mountain forests. An early morning chill made me shiver as I read the Word, sipped my earl grey and gazed at this new scenery. We hadn't ever stayed at such an elevation and it brought me to worship over and over throughout the week. A regal buck or a gentle doe might be spotted grazing near our walking path or on the way to the pool--us, immersed in creation like we'd never experienced before. And that sweet, thin, little one who visited a couple of times... my soul giving praise for her beauty and the gift I was given to be so close. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Partner In Parenting

"She'll thank us one day," my husband states, his brow is furrowed and I sigh relief because I'm feeling like the bad guy again. I hear footsteps in the hall and I know the child in question is lurking just beyond the kitchen. Tears and anger--some of them mine--had swallowed up the day and I sit exhausted, but grateful to have a partner in parenting. Some days I wonder how I'm going to raise these four (five) kiddos with my own sin blaring at me loudly as I call them out on theirs. Then, he walks through the door and I remember how--with him. Together with the Lord, we are a three-stranded cord, not easily frayed, but wound up with mercy and help in times of trouble. He knows it. I know it. That's how we do this thing called parenting. 
His favourite place to be and his favourite people to be with :)

Photos below represent the beautiful workplace Terry so diligently manages and we get the benefit of enjoying the quiet and loveliness of it all on a Sunday afternoon.
Happy Father's Day to the man I love, without whom I could not do this difficult, yet rewarding occupation of motherhood.

We Didn't Know

She stops suddenly just before the bottom of the slide and she looks up at me and giggles... every... time. She thinks it's hilarious that her body jolts to a halt right at that same spot each time, as though it's a surprise to her. I can't help but laugh too, and then, up she goes to do it all over again. We didn't know this little girl would occupy such a vast place in our hearts, but she earned prime real estate in all of us. Gratitude gushing, because we just didn't know His plan for us included her.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Growing Plants and Growing a Boy

Plants line my bay window, but not because we're nursery owners; it's because my boy turned into a super-reader overnight. Oliver read what was necessary this past school year and even enjoyed books much more now that his fluency has improved. However, in this last month of grade two I noticed he still hadn't completed all the ones I'd set out in his reading bin. I reminded him that I would give him a little prize for every book he read, assuming this would spur his interest as he delved into adventure out of force :)

Since we'd been tending the vegetable garden in our backyard, Oliver had asked to plant some carrot seeds and he was thrilled to see his very own little shoots pushing their way up through the soil in the protection of a pot. Something triggered inside of him the other day and he asked if he could have seeds instead of a treat or another prize for reading a book. Ummm, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd be okay with that! Friends, my son has read eight books in four days and can narrate them all back to me. I think it's time to move on to more complicated reading and yes, he's been holding out on me... or himself, that is. The excitement is no longer forced. Phew! He is finding joy in the adventures in his books.
So thankful he found just the right motivation to grow his love of reading and to grow plants!
Of course, there are more pots in the window since I've taken this photo ;)
And this kid still has time to do what he loves most... play outside and hunt for toads!